Memory Foam Pillows for Lumbar Support Sleepers

by minniecai on Aug 27, 2023

Memory Foam Pillows for Lumbar Support Sleepers
Sleeping soundly at night can be difficult for people with neck and back discomfort. This difficulty can be avoided, though, by using a memory foam pillow made especially for people who sleep with lumbar support.

Memory foam, commonly known as viscoelastic foam, is a type of foam that excels at molding to the contours of the user's body. It is a good material for pillows, especially for back sleepers, because of this particular quality.

Back sleep is considered one of the healthiest sleeping positions, as it encourages proper spinal alignment and reduces the risk of neck and back problems. But when it comes to bolstering a back sleeper, not all pillows are created equal.

Conventional pillows may induce pressure on the spine and discomfort by causing the head and neck to tilt up or down. As a result, users can experience a disrupted night's sleep and wake up feeling exhausted and sore.

On the other hand, a lumbar support memory foam pillow is made to fit the user's head and neck and provide support where it is most needed. This can reduce the likelihood of developing neck and back discomfort by keeping the spine properly positioned.

There are a few key things to think about when looking for a memory foam pillow for back sleepers. These include the hardness, shape and size of the pillow and the standard of the material employed.

When choosing a memory foam cushion, firmness is a key factor. While a cushion that is too hard can be uncomfortable, a pillow that is too soft will not provide enough support. For lumbar sleepers, a medium firmness is typically recommended as it provides adequate support without being overly challenging.

The size and form of the pillow is also crucial. An uncomfortable head tilt can result from using a pillow that is either too tiny or too large. Back sleepers may benefit from a contoured pillow with a curved form to support the head and neck.

When it comes to quality, opting for a pillow built with premium components is crucial. Low-grade memory foam may deform and lose some of its support over time. To find a pillow that will maintain its shape and offer reliable support, look for one made of high-density memory foam.​