A memory foam neck pillow for sleeping is your passport to a peaceful night's rest. Designed to provide optimal support during sleep, this pillow conforms to the shape of your neck, alleviating discomfort and tension. Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, this pillow promises a comfortable and rejuvenating slumber. Like mattresses, pillows play an important role in improving the quality of your sleep, and finding the right pillow can be a challenge. Shoppers today need to consider many factors in terms of ingredients and fillers, thickness, durability, temperature regulation and pain relief. You should also consider personal factors when searching for a new pillow. People with neck and shoulder pain may need orthopedic-shaped pillows, while people who snore a lot often need high-level pillows to keep their heads upright. Your sleeping position, weight, and body mechanics can all affect the sensation of your pillow.