For those who need added support, a firm memory foam pillow is ideal. These pillows are designed to maintain their shape and provide robust support to keep the head and neck in perfect alignment. If you suffer from neck pain or need extra support, a firm memory foam pillow can help ensure a restorative night's sleep. There is a bidirectional relationship between sleep and pain, and current data suggest that sleep may have a stronger effect on pain than pain has on sleep. Focusing on improving the quality of your sleep may help alleviate your overall pain levels. Common changes in sleep quality may include difficulty falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep, increased fragmentation of sleep (i.e. increased frequency of waking up at night), early morning wakes, and sleep that is unable to regain vitality. Your pillow is unlikely to be the only source of neck pain. However, choosing an appropriate pillow and adopting a healthy sleep position can help reduce neck pressure. When the pillow no longer provides proper support, you should replace it.